Lincoln Truths

The Human Side of Engineering

Technology doesn’t have to be cold and lifeless. Technology should make our lives easier. When technology and the human experience come together seamlessly, that’s when you know a luxury vehicle was designed properly. This is the human side of engineering is what keeps the Lincoln Motor Company unique and a step ahead of its competitors.
In this video library, learn about Lincoln’s human side of engineering.


This is the more human side of engineering. It’s not about what a luxury vehicle can do, but rather what a luxury vehicle can do for you.


You can have a mere sound system in your vehicle, or you can have a concert hall. Revel Audio is more than just a sound system, it an audible experience every time you drive your Lincoln.


The Continental name has a special place in automotive history. Easily one of the most recognizable nameplates in North America, the 2017 Continental brings the classic car into the present.


There are few things in this world that everyone can agree on. The outstanding beauty, performance and craftsmanship of the all-new Lincoln Continental make the list.